Battleship! is my term project for 15-112 in summer school. It is a modified version of the original board game Battleship. The game is implemented in Python 2.7 with Pygame.

Unlike traditional Battleship, this WILD version allows players to move the ships and scan a small area to reveal the enemy. Players win by either destroying all enemy ships or moving any ship to the enemy’s back line.

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Online Ranking System for Hearthstone Competition

The Online Ranking system for SCIE eSports Club finally came online! Now this system will be used to facilitate the HearthStone Ranking Competition.

Contestants can login using their personal account, see their current score and rank, start new challenges and view challenge history. Meanwhile staff can manage the system through the admin view, which allows them to manage contestant’s info and set competition results.

The system is based on DJango, which is, in my opinion, one of best web frameworks. I self-learnt DJango from its online tutorial and found that it’s extremelly powerful, manageable, and has lots of conveinent features which save me hours of work.

Since this is my first try writing a web application and it’s still in development, please DON’T TRY TO EXPLOIT/HACK the system! If you find any bugs or have any comments, please tell me and we can fix it together.

How to Access

The system can be accessed directly at

Also, during the competition season, you can access it using the menu of the Official Wechat account (scieesports).

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New Game: Mini Brawl

Check out my newly made game: Mini Brawl: Ice Golem VS Sci-Fi.

Mini Brawl: Ice Golem VS Sci-fi is a role-playing game in which the player controls the mighty clumpy ice golem to fight against waves of ferocious sci-fi enemies. Unleash powerful frost magic onto these autonomous robots and drones; Use energy to cast deadly ice-balls to deal massive damage or to gain mobility to avoid an unfavorable fight; and, salvage their waste and become even more powerful!



How to Play

Default Keys (Can be changed in game):

  • WASD: Move the character
  • Mouse Left Click: Basic Attack
  • Space: Cast Ice Ball
  • Left-shift: Sprint

Win the game by eliminating all the enemies and the final Boss.


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Oops… STEP 3 Maths Question (1996)

Here’s an interesting and doable STEP question on complex numbers (STEP 3 1996). Unlike most STEP questions, this one is doable: Not that hard to figure out, but still needs some thought. Give it a try!

Knowledge you probably need (But not MUSTs):

  • Solving Trignometry Equation
  • De Moivre’s Theorem
  • Vieta’s formulas for cubic polynomials



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已经用markwu.me这个域名几年了,总是有很多人问我.ME是什么高端的后缀,不应该是.COM之类的吗 😥  其实我个人也一直很想要com的域名,最近也一直在找,可惜markwu.com这个域名被一英国的华人设计师注册了,无奈之下只好买了个MAINCARRY.COM,是我美服LOL的昵称。以后大家可以通过这个域名和现在的MARKWU.ME来访问我的小站,内容是完全一样的。


  • (新)


寒假战队赛 hold by SCIE e-Sports club

时间 :

初赛 2015/2/11

复赛 2015/2/12

决赛 2015/2/13


第一轮(DAY1):20 进 5 单淘 每队两局 共 15 局

上午 9 – 12   下午 1 – 6


第二轮(DAY2):5 进 2 积分 每队 4 共 10 局

中午 12下午6


第三轮(DAY3):2 进 1 BO3 3


规模 : 最多20 支队伍

大区比赛服 电信区

奖金冠军 500 元人民币,亚军 300 元人民币 将会通过支付宝转账的方式给出


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最初还以为是本站被墙了,但幸运的是网站至少还能打开,只是连接速度感人(打开需要20秒左右)。后又怀疑是线路问题,但同服务器下的其他站点大部分情况(夜间偶尔抽风)下仍运行良好,所以问题应该在WordPress本身上。Google一下发现原来又是天朝惹得好事:原来是WP主题使用的Google Fonts被墙,导致国内用户浏览时无法读取字体从而大幅拖慢打开速度,所以第一步是要避开Google Fonts。

Google Fonts解决方法:安装WP插件“谷歌字体与Gravatar头像加速”。使用国内大神自己维护的字体库替换Google字体库,同时解决Gravatar头像问题。


本站使用缓存插件:“WP Super Cache”。安装需要配置wp-config文件(大部分情况下是自动的,但如果出现问题插件有很详细的安装教程)



国际CDN推荐请参考本网页: Top CDN Services to Make Your WordPress Site Blazingly Fast (and More Reliable)


LOL国庆战队赛 剑指s5战队 夺冠