New Game: Mini Brawl

Check out my newly made game: Mini Brawl: Ice Golem VS Sci-Fi.

Mini Brawl: Ice Golem VS Sci-fi is a role-playing game in which the player controls the mighty clumpy ice golem to fight against waves of ferocious sci-fi enemies. Unleash powerful frost magic onto these autonomous robots and drones; Use energy to cast deadly ice-balls to deal massive damage or to gain mobility to avoid an unfavorable fight; and, salvage their waste and become even more powerful!



How to Play

Default Keys (Can be changed in game):

  • WASD: Move the character
  • Mouse Left Click: Basic Attack
  • Space: Cast Ice Ball
  • Left-shift: Sprint

Win the game by eliminating all the enemies and the final Boss.


Download Link

The final game is available as an executable.

Old Link expired: New link (to be posted)



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