Online Ranking System for Hearthstone Competition

The Online Ranking system for SCIE eSports Club finally came online! Now this system will be used to facilitate the HearthStone Ranking Competition.

Contestants can login using their personal account, see their current score and rank, start new challenges and view challenge history. Meanwhile staff can manage the system through the admin view, which allows them to manage contestant’s info and set competition results.

The system is based on DJango, which is, in my opinion, one of best web frameworks. I self-learnt DJango from its online tutorial and found that it’s extremelly powerful, manageable, and has lots of conveinent features which save me hours of work.

Since this is my first try writing a web application and it’s still in development, please DON’T TRY TO EXPLOIT/HACK the system! If you find any bugs or have any comments, please tell me and we can fix it together.

How to Access

The system can be accessed directly at

Also, during the competition season, you can access it using the menu of the Official Wechat account (scieesports).

Features for Contestants


Login using the personal account. Only need to login once on the same browser.

  • View current score and rank
  • Show the score of the contestant before and after your rank
  • View Challenge History
  • Start new challenge

hs_ranking_2 hs_ranking_4

Features for Staff

  • Manage contestant account
  • Change contestant password
  • Set challenge result





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